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What A Good Portable Oxygen machine Should Have

Usually, there are two types of oxygen units. They include the pulse dose and the continuous unit flow. The pulse dose machine administers oxygen to the patient in small puffs. This unit releases oxygen when the patient has the urge to breathe and not any other time to avoid wastage. For continuous flow units oxygen is released in steady streams. These units are bigger, and there is a possibility of wastage because the patient is not breathing continuously.

The continuous oxygen machine allows the patient to put the number of liters they want to inhale in one minute, while the pulse machine uses a mode that is not liters to quantify the puffs. The health care provider is the right person to recommend the right portable oxygen machine to use on a specific patient. Once you are familiar with the unit you need, the next step is to look at the features that different portable oxygen concentrators have. This write up has pointers on what to consider when buying a portable oxygen machine.

Begin by knowing how the unit consumes battery and which one ensures the battery lasts for a long time. What determines the battery usage is the frequency of usage and the settings that have been set by the user. If you are on transit, it is advisable to have a larger battery although it tends to be heavier and inconvenient. Consider traveling with vehicles that have electronic outlets to charge the battery once it is down. Pack an extra battery while traveling by plane, and the rules require that the battery life should be twice the total flying time.

The capacity of the oxygen concentrators matters a lot. The bigger the size of the portable oxygen machine the more output it will produce. But, this does not mean they are the ideal ones, more so for mobile people. Try out different units before finally settling for a specific one.

For people who enjoy traveling the size factor should not be ignored. Consider the lifestyle you lead and your needs before settling for a specific portable oxygen unit. You do not want to go everywhere carrying a very heavy unit, so settle for the medium size, something you can handle easily.

Look at the dimensions and the volume of oxygen released in a minute to see if it will be ideal for you.The weight of portable oxygen machines will is not the same. Others need to be carried by the patient while the rest are wheeled on the ground.

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