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Importance of Using Information Technology
The techniques and high level of skills that have been pumped to the world has changed the living standards of people in the world and it has changed in a more positive way that is visible and appreciated. There several manners that have been adapted as result to the advancement of processes and skills that have been brought about by technology.For instance, there are so many advantages that this technology has brought about.
There has been a very wise understanding in a place whereby there has been semiotic rules ,symbols and other sign languages hence becoming easier to pass information and even express their feelings positively. In early days, there used to be poor means of communications.This meant that reaching one another or getting to know whereabouts of one another was extremely dangerous because, one could be send as a messenger in a long journey travel, where one could be killed on the way, raped or even he could deliver the wrong information to the wrong person or deliver the right information to the wrong person ,keeping in mind that timelines could also be have expired. The information being passed to people and individuals could be delayed since the modes were very rare but were hard to be afforded because of the prices. Examples of these methods included radio, print media and even television. But quite unfortunate that very few could afford this type of ways to send the information.
Technology has brought about sense in the society, whereby the educational level has been advanced. There was rise of internet and other Google services where one is able to search and get results of almost everything hence it has largely increased the urge of everyone have the need to learn.This means that ways of teaching have changed. There were traditional ways where the was supposed to be in class physically and teach where by students and even teachers, were supposed to prepare enough by having the chalk, blackboard and even books to write on. Technology led to the introduction of new devices and materials of learning. Hypothesis being done can be easily proven if copy and pasted.
There were many evil norms that were going on in the society. Technology created employment opportunities. It has highly catalyzed the methods and modes of trade services. There are different methods of marketing your products. Most gadgets used are mobile and less expensive. Transporting of goods have been made more safe and accessible.

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